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Adrienne is a student in Columbia University’s Strategic Communications master’s program. This blog combines her guilty pleasure (celebrity culture) with her academic studies, resulting in a (hopefully) delightful, insightful bundle she has dubbed Celebranded: A rough-and-tumble journey into the world of celebrity endorsements.

A graduate of Emerson College, Adrienne is a communications professional with experience in book publishing, media event planning, and speechwriting. She is also a Muppet enthusiast and karaoke activist.

This is her first blog.



18 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. Congratulations on your first blog! I also never blogged before, mainly because I, too, didn’t think anyone cared about my cereal-with-banana breakfasts or other boring details of my life. However, being an Oscar-loving person myself (why else would I make it a point to see all the movies that are being nominated for some kind of award), I feel a connection with this blog and look forward to visiting “Celebranded” from time to time. And, yes, I do wish Fabio would publicly shun cholesterol. My HDL and LDL are way out of range!!!

    • I’m glad you like the site! This blog should be an interesting journey, to say the least, but hopefully it’s one that everyone will enjoy:-) Thanks for reading!

    • I can see how Oprah’s struggles would make future networks very wary of trying the same branding ploy–especially since it seemed like for so long, everything Oprah touched turned to gold. If OWN is having trouble, what hope would there be for the Clint Eastwood Golf Network??

      • Hey I just read the comment about Oprah’s Network and i’m a little lost. Exactly what trouble is going on with the network because I havent heard. Like she said usually Oprah has the midas touch when it comes to any project.

  2. I like this blog, I’ve been trying to subscribe to it but can’t get the confirmation email, I tried several email addresses but all to no avail. I really need it for a class I’m taking at college would be very happy if the blogger can subscribe me.

  3. I have to admit, I am not someone who really cares about celebrity gossip; however I was assigned to follow this blog for a college course, and actually became very interested in some of the blogs. I thing Adrienne is doing a great job on keeping us update on the latest celerity news. I really liked the blog on Tim Tebow, great job.

    • I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog, Jeff! I’m glad it’s appealing not only to folks who like their daily/weekly dose of celebrity gossip, but also to people who might be interested in some more in-depth coverage of pop culture and media-related events. Good luck with the rest of the semester!

  4. Adrienne,
    I have also been assigned to follow this blog for a college course as stated in other comments above and have to say that it is really interesting and fun to read. I have never blogged before myself but really enjoy your take on the celebrity culture which surrounds us. Keep up the good work!

  5. This Blog is some what interesting do to the fact that I dont get a kick off reading other peoples life or gossips, although some stories were meaningful. I was assigned this for a college course. On a positive note I congratulate you Adrienne very innovative blogging for those who do follow celebrities as fans.

  6. I found your blog fun to read, esp. seeing as i like celebrity gossip but it was much more than fun, it was informative. You managed to fit a lot of relevant and meaningful information into a very fun read,.. and all while going to school.. good job!

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